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February 11,2020

Me sporting a hat I knitted.
Me sporting a hat I knitted.

So I didn't get the new items up yet because I was not feeling well. However, I now am offering free shipping on orders over $35. Also I am running a 25% off everything sale for Valentine's day. I should have the new items up by Thursday. Also a number of items will not be up yet since I am waiting for a part of them. It says it should get to me between February 14th and March 9th. I will get them up as soon as I can.

Thank you for your patience. I hope you love what I made.

January 25,2020

I'm a bit behind my initial scheduale because I have been sick. I have a few videos waiting to be edited. I have also been working on getting my new designs made. I'll be releasing new items on Febuary 1st--which will include new items such as hair accessories and knitting notions.

Another announcement is about my handmade earwires. They are made with pure silver alloy since I want to ensure my earrings do not irritate anyone with sensitive skin. So no plated silver earwires will be used Prior to 2020 I was using both Argentium and Sterling Silver alloy--depending on what I could get. However, upon doing further research I discoverd that Argentium not only is non-tarnish silver, but is also even more hypoallergenic. Apparently Sterling silver can bother some individuals. Thus I decided that I will be using only Argentium silver in the future.

I'll be working on catching up and getting my products and youtube content up. Thnk you for your support.

--C. A. Shapiro

December 7,2019

So we have some changes to announce. A lot of new items to add to the website and new opportunities for me.

First off I started got 2 offers: to partner with Darn Good Yarn to do an unboxing and some social media posts about their beautiful sari skirts; and secondly I was asked to become and brand ambassador for Facetory. I accepted both since I really love both companies. Anyone who has been on my nekozukiChris Instagram account knows that I have posted about both companies.

Darn Good Yarn is great because they help artisans in India and Nepal earn a living. They also make a lot of products from recycled silk. Their Yarn of the month club mostly features silk yarn so it wasn't a fiber I liked so I no longer subscribe to that. They do have a sock box now too. They have really worked hard to improve their brand. Even if I no longer subscribe to their yarn of the month club, I still am buying items from them. In fact I did some Christmas shopping last week there. It's a great company and I was more then happy to give and honest review of the sari skirts. You can see my unboxing video on my youtube channel. If you like what you see you can follow the link in the details. I get compensated for every purchase made through the link.

Facetory is one of my favorite subscription boxes. I subscribe to the 7 lux and the lux Plus boxes. Thanks to them I have been able to try more korean skin care products I might not have tried before as well as increase my knowledge about skin care. Several times a month I post on instagram about the products I receive. The majority being about the sheet masks and my thoughts as I use them at night. I am really glad I will be able to work with them. They are a really good company who has awesome customer service. So from now on my posts and links will be in exchange for compensation. If you click the link and make a purchase I get rewarded.

As I mentioned before, I now have a youtube channel. Right now I have some unboxing and tutorial videos available. Most of the videos are not sponsored in any way. I paid for the items and just want to share my thoughts and knowledge. I'm still learning so I still have room for improvement on the videos. I plan to also show off products and things regarding my Etsy shop. I plan to have some fun.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday no matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other fall and winter festival. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me. Thank you everyone for your support. I'm looking forward to sharing my handmade jewelry with everyone.

--C. A. Shapiro

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DISCLOSURE: By clicking on affilate links--like this one for Facetory--and purchaseing items I recive a commission. Thank you for your support.

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