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My cat Momo-hime.
My cat Momo-hime

From the time I was young, my sister and I were always encouraged to participate in creative activities: painting; sewing; crocheting; beading; and many more. Even if I wasn’t passionate about every project, I did find a love of crafts. As an adult I love to create things and to discover new talents. I taught myself to knit and improved my jewelry making skills. I am also able to build my own website using html 5 and CSS. I started learning about html4 back in 2002. At my university I took an English course where we had to build a webpage as a group project using Microsoft word. However, I was very curious about html. I bought a book and started building my own webpage that summer. In 2012 I went back to school and got an AA in Computer Information Systems at Olympic College. When I graduated in 2015, I was one of two students chosen for an award in Web design. I really enjoy seeing my projects take form.

I decided to open an Etsy shop when I started receiving many compliments on my projects using skills I had learned growing up. My first step was to learn more about making jewelry so that I could create good quality pieces. I enrolled in an online course helped me to improve my skills and gave me the confidence to start planning my future shop. The quality of the jewelry I can make is better than what I was making a year ago.

Who is Momo?

Momo is my cat. Her full name is Momo-hime, which means Princess Peach in Japanese. My mom insisted she was Princess Peach, and we compromised by naming her the Japanese equivalent. She is a dilute tortoiseshell in white. Which is a fancy way of saying she is a pastel colored calico cat. Since I'm on disability and not attending school she is pretty much always with me watching over me as I work on my crafts. Cats are my favorite animals and having her with me brings me joy as well as helping me cope with my anxiety.


I am influenced by several things:

  • Lolita Fashion
  • Steampunk
  • Retro Fashion
  • Nature
  • Cats


I want to create unique, beautiful, and fun pieces of jewelry while making sure to waste as little as possible. Any pieces of metal will be recycled. I hope in the future to refrain from using any plastics in my packaging.

I will keep improving my skills and adding to my jewelry making technique by taking local and online classes. I am very interested in learning about metal clay next. Another area I could use improvement is bead weaving. I might even add some knitted items to my shop in the future. There are infinite possibilities.

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